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Cortland Jeyco forms part of the Actuant Corporation’s Cortland group of companies. As part of their Energy segment Cortland serves the global market in a broad range of fields namely Oil & Gas, Marine, Seismic, Heavy Lift and Mining. Experts in customised heavy lifting, towing, umbilical/cable  and mooring solutions particularly where complete packages are required make Cortland a unique company amongst its peers.

Cortland Jeyco is a service hub for the Cortland group in Australasia. Specialising in dynamic marine services such as moorings, towage, heavy lift, specialised rope products, marine chandlery, engineering and turnkey project services Cortland Jeyco also acts as a portal for it’s dynamic cable products such as umbilical’s and specialty cable products. Cortland Jeyco is the sole Australian distributor for the complete suite of specialised (HMPE) rope(s) from the Puget Sound Rope range, the PLASMA rope product is used in a wide range of high load applications, where traditional wire rope or a larger diameter fibre rope would have been used, PLASMA is stronger, lighter, safer (less recoil) and easier to handle.

Jeyco has the knowledge, supervisory skills and experience to create and project manage the installation of complete system solutions and undertake long term preventative and routine maintenance of complete systems. Jeyco has its own engineering capacity and is approved under ISO 9001 as a designer of mooring and towing hardware and systems. A select team of experienced personnel with many years of experience in the supply of quality dynamic systems and equipment are employed to offer the client assistance in everything from specialised moorings and buoyancy heavy lift solutions through to the largest offshore systems.